We take deliverability seriously.

We take deliverability seriously.

We take deliverability seriously.

Our 28 Point Deliverability Checklist

1. Focus on Value and Relevancy

2. Leverage Multiple, Dedicated, Branded Domains

3. Use .com TLDs Only, Avoid Hyphens or Numbers.

4. DNS Setup

5. Dynamically Rotate Sending IPs

6. Email Accounts Warm-Up

7. Vary/flex on daily warmup sends per day

8. Vary/randomize daily warmup rampup increment

9. Maintain warmups alongside production sends

10. Maintain a 60-40 Ratio

11. Inbox Rotation

12. Avoid Spam Trigger Words

13. Cap Daily Sends

14. Monitor Bounce Rates

15. Email Verification

16. Limit Open or Link Tracking

17. Text-Only Sending

18. Regular Monitoring with Deliverability Reports

19. Monitor Blacklists

20. Avoid Sending to Generic/Role-Based Email Addresses

21. Simplify Company Names in Emails

22. Use Spintax

23. Add Unsubscribes to DNC/Block List/Global Suppression List

24. Use Inbox Placement Tests

25. Monitor Negative Replies and Complaints

26. Employ A/Z Testing

27. Monitor for Account Lockouts and Disconnects

28. Watch Patterns of Negative Results Associated with Daily Sending Volume

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